The Drear Light of Zoo Cestina

Sitting in the topfloor library
Looking out on the lights of cities
Like lightning bug on fields of battle
Like looking down on a starry night
I see the few strewn out in culture collective
And I think how big I am to be so small.

The books in shelves contain history in small:
The idylls and odes of humanity library
Thoguhts at once in charachter collectives
Emotions stacked into skyscraper shelve cities
They lively light-up in an emotionless night
Emotions against unfeelers doing their battle

The pieced-up dead souls of thought battle
Fading out like electric fires in the small
Fading like tail-lamps driving slowly into night
Fading like importance in the humanity library
Fading like the rusted steel cities
Fading like the thought-of-self-and-everyone-else collective

Fading like latin and roman numeric collectives
The fading-spot is where you see the battle
Fought in drear light of Zoo-thought cities
Not in anthro-rooms of houses small
When dead, shelved in the dark tower library
And face many soft-glowed tormentor nights

On the occassion your yellow pages are mistake for shining Knight
You might shine different than culture collective
But you will be returned to the collage library
And on shelves – to stand out – you will do book battle
So that you don’t seem too small
In the shelves and stacks of literature cities

I feel that when I  passerby in cities
For a year or four or for a night
I know that my domain is small  –
To be seen or heard may take my collective
Brain and heart to be a pull book in the universe library
Who do I favor though, in Heart versus Brain battle?

Had I been born to a small library
– The battle against consumptive night –
Better met by this small, soul collective


1 Response to “The Drear Light of Zoo Cestina”

  1. 1 Emily
    November 24, 2009 at 4:49 am

    the last two stanzas are epic

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